About Me


I’m Henrik Wallström. A 38 year old software engineer and entrepreneur. Living in Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Linda and our son Hugo.


I work as the CTO at Waulter, a company that I co-founded in 2006. We aim to replace traditional financial reports with beautiful easy to use tools designed for entrepreneurs

Today 40 000 companies use our tools to better understand their businesses.

In my previous life I was a self-employed software engineering consultant through my company Wallcon. I worked with both big (Nasdaq OMX) and smaller clients (Öhman fondkomission and CashGuard/StrongPoint). Usually as a lead developer, project manager or scrum master.

In all my roles I have had the opportunity to combine technology and leadership. I hope that will also be true for the future.


Software development is fascinating. I like that there are rarely any absolute answers, that everything depends on the context and many many trade-offs. I like that our field is continuously evolving with lots of new technologies and opportunities

The questions are endless: How do do you build great products? How do you write good and easy to maintain code? How do you form a great team? What technology fit what problem?

This blog is more or less documentation of some of my experiments to find some answers. Written for the future me but maybe also useful for others.